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Risk Management Services
Evolving market trends, changing regulatory requirements, shifts in customer needs, technological advances - these are among the many challenges which add pressure to businesses to keep changing to remain relevant, competitive and profitable.

The business environment has changed and will continue to change. With globalization, we have seen attempts to harmonise business standards through the efforts of legislators, regulators, customers, suppliers and increasingly-powerful social groups. Consequently businesses are faced with ever changing RISKS, exposing organizations in many ways.

The protection of assets remains high on every organization's agenda. Insurance gives the means to compensate the financial losses of an organization, but this alone does not guarantee the revival of a business. Customer loyalty, skilled employees, reputation and brand loyalty are some of the uninsurable risks which require equal attention in every organization.

It is estimated that only around 35% (by number) of an organization's significant risks can be transferred to the insurance market, therefore the case for Managing Your Risks has never been so strong.

We in Sime Darby Lockton recognise that our clients may need help beyond the development of their insurance programmes, and we have developed a range of core risk management services designed to help you minimise the threats that may affect your ability to maximise the opportunities which come your way.

Managing your risks brings many benefits, among which include :

  • A thorough analysis of the threats to an organization
  • Improved decision-making and performance
  • Avoidance or limitation of potential major losses
  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Superior risks which attract better insurance premium terms

Managing risks is a continuous effort which demands involvement of people at every level in an organization. We in Sime Darby Lockton are committed to work in partnership with our clients to realize the true benefits of risk management.

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